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The next Pentwater Lake Improvement Board meeting is June 19, 2023 at Park Place (310 N. Rush Street), just north of the Pentwater Township Library, in Pentwater, MI at 4:00pm.
Public hearings to continue the Pentwater Lake Improvement Project will be held in the summer of 2023. Date to be determined.

Click here to view the Pentwater Lake Improvement Board 2021 Goals and Objectives.

Click here to view the Pentwater Lake 2021 State of the Lake Report
by Joe Primozich, PLIB Chairman

Pentwater Lake Improvement Board

Joe Primozich
Riparian Property Owner

Lynne Cavazos
Pentwater Township

Jeff Hodges
Village of Pentwater

Ron Christians
Oceana County Commissioner

Michelle Martin
Oceana County Drain Commissioner

Environmental Consultant

Progressive AE

The Pentwater Lake Improvement Board was established under Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements) of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. In accordance with the act, the Pentwater Lake Improvement Board includes a lakefront property owner, a representative from each local unit of government abutting Pentwater Lake, the county drain commissioner (or designee) and a county commissioner.

In 2018, the Pentwater Lake Improvement Board approved a five-year lake improvement program. In 2023, public hearings will be held to continue to the program. A primary focus of the program is the control of invasive plant growth in Pentwater Lake.

Pentwater Lake Improvement Program Budget


Annual Cost

Aquatic Vegetation Management

Plant Control Inspections and Coordination

Information and Education

Administration and Contingencies

Existing Surplus

Total Annual Assessment








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Click here or on the image above for a copy of Pentwater Lake: A Guidebook for Homeowners

2022 Mechanical Harvesting

Pentwater LIB Meeting Minutes

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